Treviso 21/12 – Sole Luna OFF

Documentary Showcase

21st December 2016 / TRA Ca’ dei Ricchi Treviso / 20.45

On wednesday 21st December the associations Sole Luna and TRA present the launch event of the showcase SOLE LUNA OFF that will accompany us in 2017.

Circus Debere Berhan
By Lukas Berger
Portogal-Germany, 2015, 11′

There aren’t newsboys or posters announcing their arrival, just a road along which several characters, including a wading bird, come into the field. And so the Circus Debere Berhan begins its world tour, a series of shots in which the various troupes in the Ethiopian circus company perform their numbers, blending with the landscape and underscored by an enchanting musical accompaniment. This short film plays with the immediate and fixed nature of the shots, like a modern silent cinema.

L’equilibrio del cucchiaino
By Adriano Sforzi
Italy, 2015, 65′

What drives a man for thirty years to balance on a wire to a meter in height, while with his toe on the front launches a teaspoon? Alberto “Bertino” Sforzi have walked the circus ring for the first time at the age of six years: the son of an old tradition, has a talent and determination become legendary among the circus, and now, thanks to 50 years of Super 8 films retrieved, everyone will know. In 1966 Bertino is considered one of the best jugglers in the world: the challenge with destiny and with himself is printed on its face in the footage shot during the tour in South Africa, he said in the letters that he wrote every day to his beloved Ghisi. In those days comes the consecration: the biggest circus in the world, the Barnum & Ringling, suggests an overlap of two years. Is America, is the summit, is his dream. But the same day that comes the telegram a car overwhelms him, throws him to twenty meters away, breaks a leg. Why are we still in the world of Circus everyone remembers the numbers and the life of Alberto Sforzi? Why in the 80s departed from Russia to come in to see her twirl teaspoon? Today, at seventy, Alberto still works between the rear, at his side there is always the beloved Ghisi, owner of the circus-family unique in the world that have never left: Circus Medrano. But today, America, came to pay his debt.

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