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I comme iran


In Brussels, behind the closed doors of a classroom, using a textbook dating from the Islamic Revolution, a filmmaker learns how to read and write in Persian, her mother tongue. Over the course of the lessons, the teacher introduces the basics of the Persian language, which becomes a gateway to the history and culture of Iran. Gradually, the didactic method of the lessons evolves into a poetic, visual collage, which introduces the notion of freedom and questions the meaning of a revolution.


Food for thought…

This is another great documentary to watch. I liked that the documentary is filmed from a subjective angle of the camera; this puts us in the student’s shoes, who is learning her mother tongue. We learn through her about the Islamic Revolution and at times feel her remorse and nostalgia. It’s another captivating documentary in this genre.

As always, don’t forget so share this documentary with your friends and family. Lets untie and #establishties.

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